Board Members

Mr. Abdullah Rashed Al Tammar
CEO & Chairman of the board

One of the businessmen in Kuwait who has occupied many leading jobs in which the last was in 2007 as he was Director General of Commercial and Marketing Sector in the grandsons of Hamad Saleh Al Humaidy company, before establishing FK commercial group.

He was co-founder of Gryphon Airlines in 2007 and was Director of International Relations to 2009 then became General Manager. His works and successes continued and he founded many companies following FK since 2007 in different sectors like Health, real estate, construction engineering, tourism, traveling, manufacturing , oil and energy.

He is the CEO for Amoil Company , the first company in Albania to refine oil and its derivatives to consumer products for the local market.

Mr. Rashed Jasem Al Tammar
Senior Vice Chairman

Member of the Kuwaiti Lawyers Association and a member of the Bar Association. He has extensive experience in aviation contracts of all kinds. He received intensive training at the the IATA Training & Development Institute. He has passed several specialized training programs in the field of aviation law in the European Union, international commercial arbitration and others. Lawyer before the courts of first instance and appeal. Expertise in the field of business law related to matters related to the banking sector, real estate and employment issues. A member of the Social Insurance committee in Kuwait.

A Board Member for Amoil Company , the first company in Albania to refine oil and its derivatives to consumer products for the local market.

Mr. Rashed Abdullah Al Tammar
Vice President, Project Director

Our director graduated as a mechanical engineer and completed his master of engineering degree in projects management from Griffith university, Austraila. Gained valuable experience in the area of aviation, engineering, production and oil & Gas services, during his internships and training in NAS, KPIOS and KPC in Kuwait, which are leading Kuwaiti companies.

He is the Vice President and Project Director of the company.

NOURIA 3 - Copy

Nouria S. AlFadhel
Vice President- Marketing                                                                                                                                                             Acting Vice President – Aviation

Has a university degree in management. With over 37 years of experience in marketing, sales and public relations and communications. She has held several managerial positions at Kuwait Airways Corporation. The Scientific Center Management Company established by Kuwait Foundation for Scientific Progress. She headed the communications sector at Kuwait Airways and participated in many small business development programs. Holds professional training certificates accredited by US federations, specialized in customer service programs and communication skills. She has extensive experience in the field of training in the workplace and has implemented several training courses for a large number of employees. Currently, she is a member of the Board of Directors of Amoil, which owns a refinery in the Republic of Albania.


Adnan Salman Alfarhan
CFO –  FK Group

He has extensive experience in finance and accounting working in companies with different fields of business starting from an international trading and investment company, production and industrial company to a group of general trading companies. Gaining knowledge in matters related to business and banking sector. His experience in administration is an added credit to him.