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  • May 11
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History Fast Ltd.

Factory began operations 1,950 years as part of a group FAMOS that has been specializing in the production of transmissions.

1980 years factory the reconstituted company under the name FAST-Factory special transmission.

Production program is tied 90% for defense industries.

By the end of the Bosnian war the factory was owned by the state.

After the war the factory was reorganized into the company FAST doo 100% privately owned.

Standard manufacturing: transmission for T-34, T-55, T-72, M-84 and M-84A.

Factory also produces for transmission APCs OTM-60, APC M80, and M80 of APC.

The production program of the factory also located and gearboxes for ships BHK-60 and MHC-100.

New manufacturing: automatic transmission intended for the propulsion of medium-sized tanks, self-propelled guns and self propelled howitzers:

SAT-1000, SAT-1200 and SAT-1500th

It also has a factory program production power trains (PWP) for combat vehicles and ships.

The factory has been developed an air conditioner combat and commercial vehicles based on the air cycle (CFC) AC M1, M2 and M3 AC.

Our teams are also engaged in equipping vehicles for special purposes according to customer requirements.

For all our products we provide maintenance as of the level of general remonta. Also perform repair and maintenance of products from other manufacturers in the field of our activities (buses, locomotives, trucks, ships and industrial plants)