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  • May 11
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Through our joint venture FK Medical, in Djibouti, we offer a variety of medical services. Our 2015 entry into the Republic of Djibouti was shaped by our understanding of the country’s infrastructure and services challenges. With over 20 years of combined experience operating in austere environments, our professionals and investors listened and came to understand the needs and the requirements for developing a three-phased plan to introduce our healthcare program in countries such as the Republic of Djibouti based on a near and long-term plan. The implementation plan is based on a work program to be completed over a period of 12 years. Currently we are in the last stage of phase 1, and looking forward to second phase in 2018 as scheduled.

Phase 1: Establishment of a full service clinic that includes all major specialities.
Phase 2: Establishing a multi-service hospital that includes the latest equipment and covers all the specialities that the individual needs in that area.
Phase 3: Establishment of an integrated hospital that offers all medical facilities, laboratories, operations rooms and the latest precision equipment, also includes a training center.

Medical Services & Staff. We entered Phase 1 of a three-phase plan by establishing a Medical Clinic capable of offering services to international contractors and Djiboutian citizens alike. The FK Medical staff allows us to cover individual needs with quality, reliable healthcare, supported by a well-equipped facility that offers advanced technology, as well as patient online services. Our interaction with other local medical and dental facilities, allow us to share resources, enabling a high level of efficiency in our day-to-day Clinic operations.
Our current staff is composed of a strong, cohesive team of experienced medical, dental, and administrative professionals capable of supporting: International Contractor Personnel, Local Nationals, Other Medical Affiliations are the Canadian Specialist Hospital (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) and American Hospital Dubai, (Dubai, United Arab Emirates).
In offering a broad range of primary and specialty care services, including comprehensive primary care, the Clinic services and staff consist of:–

  • On-site Pharmacy, consisting of approximately 650+ line items, both brand named pharmaceuticals as well as generic pharmaceuticals
  • Fully-equipped, modern laboratory
  • Extensive diagnostic services (digital radiography, ECG, Ultrasonography, Audiometry, etc.)
  • Fully-furnished modern dentistry staffed with a Dental Surgeon, Dental Assistant, and Dental Hygienist
  • Medical Doctors on Staff: Cardiologist / Internist, General Practitioners
  • Patient Care Unit with three (3) in-patient beds

Our long-term plan is offer Community Service (Social Responsibility) programs in cooperation with the local Universities and vocational Colleges by assisting in training of local medical students e.g., Laboratory Technicians, Nurses, Midwives, etc.

We have been successful in providing contractual healthcare to large international corporations such as AECOM, AC First, ATCO, DYNCORPS, ITT, KBR, PAE, SUPREME, etc. As a qualified, verified, and registered medical services provider to those organizations, we comprehend the needs of multinational companies in austere environments and readiness to offer the same services to Host countries.As a modern well-maintained Clinic facility attending to highest level of hygiene standards we have received several commendations from our clients.
The Clinic’s hours of operation are 24-hours per day, 365 days of the year for acceptance of urgent patient care.Over medical services are open to Djiboutian citizens and foreign workers alike. Our staff has extensive experience operating in remote areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan.