FK Logistics Group owns 75% of FAST factory in the Republic of Bosnia

  • Jun 21
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Date: 30/1/2017

FK Logistics became the partner and major shareholders of FAST company for spare parts, engines and conditioning machines for heavy equipment. This decision came in line with the vision of expanding in foreign markets, where the company’s attention to the Bosnian market is to look for viable investment opportunities in the industrial sector, the company succeeded in 2016 to acquire 75% of the shares of Fast in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina,this investment has been one of the best investment opportunities in the military industry since the company has a long experience in the field of military industrialization, and has started to initiate administrative development and marketing for the company’s products, and indeed the company has started to grow to take its place among the world’s factories, maintaining the highest quality standards that it has known for its lifetime.This is the only company in Eastern Europe after the Russian Federation that manufactures engines and mechanical equipment for military machinery and vehicles.