FK Logistic is located in Hawally, Kuwait and was established in 2007. It was established principally to expand the services rendered by its parent company Fonoun Al Kuwait that was created in 1997. The company focused on support of military operations in Iraq with the supply of fuel. The quality of our contract performance opened the doors for us to compete and win more US Government contracts. Thus, our decision to initiate an aggressive business strategy by expanding into a broader range of logistics services.
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Our success in Iraq motivated us to pursue opportunities in Afghanistan and other international locations. Our clients and alliances grew rapidly and we were successful in winning additional contracts and establishing office in beyond the GCC. While we gained revenue we did not forget our moral obligation to the less fortunate; therefore, we became and remain an active player in the support of disaster relief or humanitarian events worldwide.

Our customers are located in Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Dubai, Beirut, Georgia, China, Djibouti, Sarajevo and the United States .During the 10 year, we have supported US Ministry of Defense, Saudi Arabia Ministry of defense, Triple Canopy, DynCorp, The United Nations, KBR, Fluor, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and many other clients. 

FK-Logistic owns several storage facilities in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America. We can customize storage options based on the needs of individual clients. Quality standards are managed through advanced quality control and space management techniques using First in First Out (FIFO) and Last in Last Out (LILO) systems. The quality of food and other perishable goods are ensured with regularly scheduled physical checks. FK-Logistic uses the most advanced climate control storage techniques, providing dry storage, chilled storage, frozen storage, wrapping and advanced racking systems.

We start by rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. Having an armada of transportation options – over 1,300 air, sea and ground assets in all – doesn’t hurt, either. And our team of licensed and trained professionals stands ready to operate each and every vehicle.

We own and operate our own secured port facility in Kuwait. The 22,000 square meter, duty-free port comes equipped with everything from ample warehouse space to cargo ship maintenance tools, and from repair capabilities to cold storage warehouses. Loading and offloading cranes are also available to move even your largest payloads. The port can dock and maintain up to three cargo ships at once. And our “just-in-time” delivery system ensures products get to forward operating bases and personnel reach their destinations without any hiccups.

FK-Logistic can offer something no one else can – one of the largest and most dependable air carriers in the region. We operate a large squadron of MD-83s, MD-82s and Dash 7s through our subsidiary, Gryphon Airlines. Today, Gryphon has a fleet of planes at its disposal, and new planes are being added every few months. We’ve proven our dependability, flying daily, round-trip flights between `{`Kuwait City, Baghdad, Kandahar, Bahrain, Amman, `{`KAS`}`, Muscat, Doha and Dubai`}`.

FK-Logistic operates approximately 1,000 trucks, including lowboy, reefer, flatbed and side box trucks. To ensure timing and quality of deliverables, the trucks are monitored with GPRS tracking systems. Drivers are trained, licensed and adhere to all international safety specifications in their respective driving regions.

In 2010, FK-Logistic was on the scene of the one of the world’s great humanitarian challenges. Floodwaters engulfed several of Pakistan’s most populous areas. FK-Logistic partnered with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, the United Nations and other humanitarian aid groups to deliver tents, food, medical supplies and lanterns. FK-Logistic also medevaced burn victims to hospitals in Europe and the United States. Using our prefabricated buildings, FK-Logistic constructed an emergency shelter community in a matter of days `{`that housed over 20,000 families`}`.