Humbly serving our clients.
Delivering on time.
Planning for any contingency.
Finding creative solutions.

These are our values. :
It makes no difference if your organization is big or small. The pressure is always on to find a solution to the world’s logistical challenges – difficult terrain, unfamiliar routes or limited resources.

This deceptively simple mission:
Moving goods and people from point A to point B, while managing it all at each step of the way – is what we do.
For years, FK-Logistics has helped our clients deliver everything and anything throughout the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. Time and time again, clients called upon our expertise when they needed us the most. We’ve flown military personnel into Afghanistan. We’ve shipped relief goods, tents and medicine to flood-ravaged areas in Pakistan. We’ve fed and housed private contractors on their way to forward operating bases. Though no need is ever the same, we’ve never fallen short of our commitments. In fact, our abilities are limited only by our clients’ imaginations.