When calamity strikes communities around the world, we’re proud to be the first call made by many of the world’s crisis organizations.

FK-Logistic has aided in relief efforts around the world, including crises in Africa, Eastern Europe and South Asia.
FK Logistic partnered with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, the United Nations and other humanitarian aid groups to deliver tents, food, medical supplies and lanterns.

With a feeling of pride and glory, FK Logistic has been an active participant disaster relief work all over the world, including the catastrophes in Africa, East Europe and South Asia. We have supported several natural disasters events, supplying life support facilities, medicine, manpower, food, etc. to assist the ICRC with its assistance programs. Our team of logistics specialists, pharmacists, and medical doctors work will work with ICRC and other non-government organizations (NGOs), local Government officials to select product and rigorously follow protocols to ensure that supplied commodities are properly distributed to those in need. The FK Disaster Relief management team will collaborate with the lead international or Host country team to support distribution of aid commodities based on their procedures and priorities.
During the year 2010 we were facing one of the biggest challenges witnessed by the world when flooding overran a hundreds of villages in Pakistan. Our company played a major role in cooperating with the Kuwaiti Red Crescent, United Nations, and many other aid relief organizations by supplying homeless families with tents, food stuff, medical supplies etc. Additionally, we assisted with the evacuation of burn victims the various hospitals. Our company has also setup a life support camp that housed 20,000 homeless persons.

FK Logistic received numerous awards for its support and humanitarian services.