FK Group and Petroleum Dynamics(Petrodyn) collaborate to supply oilfield equipment and parts. With vast experience in the field, we guarantee the provision of accurate parts. Our supply network spans across numerous manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Our products include but are not limited to oilfield equipment and parts mentioned below:

  • Exploration: We provides a range of products and services related to exploration, including reservoir characterization and evaluation, petroleum geology services, seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation, and geological modeling and simulation.
  • Drilling: We specialize in supply of almost any drilling equipment’s such as drill pipes, drill bits, pup joints, HWDP, drill collars, stabilizers, jars, subs, rotary Kelly, drilling safety valves, risers, landing strings etc.​​
  • Completion & Production: Some equipment which are needed for proper completion and extraction of hydrocarbons that we deal with are Pumps and Flow control valves.
  • Expansion joints (Ball joints) used for Steam Injection: Ball Joints provide a method for absorbing pipe movement for applications like Steam Injection, wave motion compensation on oil platforms and drill ships, oil well riser expansion etc.
  • Full Suite of Artificial Lift: We have a joint venture with one of the industry leaders for the products of Artificial Lift. We offer a full suite of Artificial Lift products along with experts in every kind of production optimization to help you reach your goals in the most cost effective manner.
  • Casing & tubing’s
  • Fittings, Nuts, Bolts & Connectors
  • Communication cables
  • Well head safety equipment’s
  • Pressure Vessels, Flame Arrestors
  • Industrial Chemicals & Drilling Fluids
  • Stimulation & Acid Cleaning Chemicals
  • Safety Products (Gloves, Coverall etc.)
  • Onshore Completion and Workover Services
  • Supply of drilling powder and fluids

FK Group and Petroleum Dynamics(Petrodyn) partner to offer technical solutions, nitrogen and pumping services, pre-commissioning services, well interventions, and recovery services for oil and gas production optimization.

FK Group and its partners offer such products and services. Our services include:

  1. Completion tools & products
  2. Well control services
  3. Plug & abandonment
  4. Nitrification for underbalance operations
  5. Unloading or cleaning out well bores
  6. Freeing stuck pipe
  7. Jetting of solids
  8. Pumping of wireline tools
  9. Purging during shut down and maintenance programs
  10. Leak testing of new process plant and systems
  11. System shut down, maintenance or modification
  12. Test run and startup of compressors ‘live simulation’
  13. Commissioning of pipelines
  14. Pipe recovery services for drill pipe applications
  15. Remedial well interventions
  16. CT & Wireline Tools Rental and repair Services
  17. Rigging services combination of hot and cold taping
  18. Vertical and horizontal well applications coil tubing and Nitrogen
  19. Environmental services