Air Ambulance

  • May 10
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Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) Services

We are capable of providing 24/7 medical evacuation services. Our basic strategy is to perform medevac services worldwide and we often times collaborate with regional allies to meet all requirements. The main assistance office is in Kuwait, with a plan to establish satellite operations in Dubai with an international operator. The Djibouti satellite office will coordinate the Africa-related medevac assistance requirements.

Our dedicated medevac aircraft fleet is available to respond to both civilian and military patients, and support humanitarian missions. Our aircraft is configured as a medical care unit with a team of highly qualified paramedics and critical care flight nurses.

We fly under a United States AOC that includes medevac license, Part 35 certification, which is a commercial operating certificate issued by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).Our pilots and crew are all U.S.-trained and certified. These credentials ensure our customers that we meet and exceed the highest standards in safety, including maintenance, pilot and staff training, and regulatory compliance. With our U.S.-based partner, we can fly anywhere in the world our services are needed.

  • Regional and International Services-to-Bedside air medical transfer for specialized treatment
  • We have essential onboard STS stretcher system to transport patients in comfort
  • International flights to return patients home for acute and long term care
  • Transport injured soldiers, military passengers, DOD contractors, and veteran passengers
  • Medical Flights to rehabilitation facilities around the world
  • Support of United Nations and International Committee Red Cross (ICRC) Humanitarian Missions Worldwide