Oil and Gas


FK Group - Oil & Gas Co. is a 100% Kuwaiti owned company having its headquarters and main operational base in Kuwait city, Kuwait, and it has grown rapidly to become a major player in the market. Commitment to excellence spans all of our activities. Our mission is to be recognized as an elite business group in our market place by pursing a relentless program of excellence in the quality of our products and services, on time delivery and execution of works and cost effective performance.

Recently, FK Investments found its chance in the Republic of Albania, where it managed to acquire AMOIL, a company that owns a refinery for the production of oil derivatives; the most is bitumen from which the refinery produces limited quantities. The current production capacity of the refinery ranges between 500 – 1000 tons per day of miscellaneous oil derivatives, with a capacity of 7000 barrels per day. The company aspires to raise production capacity significantly; therefore, the company adopted a plan to develop the refinery in three phases.

Our oil company in Albania processed, transporting and selling refined products such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, and asphalt for roads. The company is currently considering offers from large and giant companies that have already expressed their interests in buying various derivatives and owning shares in the refinery. FK Group is working through a vision to achieve and complete a high-level petroleum complex with a production capacity covering the needs of Albania and its neighboring countries. We are confidently moving towards that goal.

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