Chairman’s Message

Businesses are developing and perspectives are expanding very fast in running projects, development and speed are the two characteristics of this age when all types of work are being managed by the latest smart technologies. We in FK have a complete certainty of the importance of adopting the new strategies to guarantee adjusting this prosperity in businesses.

FK is entering a new phase where businesses and services are various as the group has achieved development over the rates of performance of logistics and catering services. In addition, FK has invested incomings in several fields like manufacturing, real estate developing and engineering services. Rates of performance developed as well concerning the commercial and private aviation and the group succeeded to conclude dual deals with partners with the same commercial and administrating thinking. Also some activities developed in the aviation section for air cargo and food outfitting.

The strategies of work and the expansion policy are leading the group to the next phase. The group operation team spread over a big space all over the world is the largest evidence of trust planted by the group to the agents in all sections. The group has a view that touches the future and the reality.

Abdullah Rashed Al Tammar
CEO of FK Group