FK Retail and Wholesale

In 1997 Mr. Abdullah Altammar founded Funoone Kuwait for general trading and contracting, with time FK included a division for catering. Eventually we grew to take in a segment for food and beverages.

Due to the expansion of the food activity, FK Logistics established specialized food companies, namely: FK Catering to prepare readymade meals in 2011, followed by FK Sweets and Pastries in 2015, Ballerina for Sweets Pastries as well as Pureness for Sweets and Pastries in 2015 and finally FK expands more in 2020

FK Company started its Food & Beverages division on September 2020 we successfully exceeded in our sales growth within two years and reached 5 branches FK logistic looked forward during this year to open two additional branches and we will continue to expand this achievements in various regions of Kuwait.

FK has taken some global agencies and FK agent is founded exclusive in the State of Kuwait.

 We invite customers to wander and spend time picking their favourite items or come to explore the exclusive and new imports from around the world. As a destination shopping experience, we appeal to customers to explore the quality items at reasonable prices through a variety of choices as far as the eye can see.

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