Ballarena Bakery

Kuwaiti company in the food market in Kuwait. It serves confectionery and pastry. Our goal is to satisfy our customers by providing the best baked goods and the most beautiful variety of cakes and sweets of all kinds.We take care to use the highest quality ingredients to ensure offering you the taste that we are known with. Because our customer comes first..We always make sure to ensure the highest level of service and the most safe and quality.

We welcome you in two locations through two branches in each area of Benid Al-Qar and Al-Jabriya where these shops open their doors to customers throughout the week. We provide catering services for special events, holidays and birthdays for family and friends. We are working to provide all support services to make these meetings happy. All this made us eligible to be on the list of food companies listed by government agencies.

Additionally, we offer a significant variety of desserts and pastries to reflect the global experience and creativity of our head chef. He was trained in France to use his artistic baking skills to capture the essence of diverse flavors and designs expected by local and international customers…that is our Guarantee!