Prime Minister of Djibouti receives FK Group Chairman

His Excellency the Prime Minister of the Republic of Djibouti received in his office Mr. Abdullah Al-Tammar, Chairman of FK Group and Mr. Rashid Al-Tammar, Vice President for Projects Affairs, in the presence of a group of ministers concerned in the health sector and services. Al-Tammar is visiting Djibouti as part of the development plan for the group’s medical clinic, FK Medical, where the clinic’s management seeks to expand its services in cooperation with the government authorities in Djibouti. The Center provides services to many official and private entities, banks and embassies operating in Djibouti. FK Medical has announced the introduction of emergency services through the provision of a 24-hour ambulance equipped to respond to emergency calls for the transfer of patients in different areas of Djibouti.

FK Medical has signed many contracts with insurance companies operating in Djibouti and thus became one of the most attractive health centers for patients who enjoy the medical insurance coverage of those companies.