Air Freight

The ability to fly where you want, when you want is crucial for a good logistical plan.

But FK-Logistic can offer something no one else can – one of the largest and most dependable air carriers in the region. We operate a large squadron of MD-83s, MD-82s and Dash 7s through our subsidiary, Gryphon Airlines.

Today, FK Gryphon gained a wide reputation that can support FK logistic when Air Freight required

We’ve proven our dependability, flying daily, round-trip flights between [Kuwait City, Baghdad, Kandahar, Bahrain, Amman, [KAS], Muscat, Doha and Dubai].

FK-Logistic also knows the most responsive airline networks must offer flexibility. That’s why Gryphon also can fly to other destinations by contract. For instance, the airline has provided air operations and flight clearance in Djibouti and Uganda in recent years.Also our in-house ticket agency can book flights smoothly and seamlessly.

Passenger safety is always paramount, too. Gryphon is a proud carrier of U.S. troops and contractor personnel. To provide extra security to our passengers, Gryphon’s Category 1 carrier status allows flights to military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. This includes a ring route covering all Regional Commands in Afghanistan.

Planes fly with a South African Civil Aviation Authority air operator certificate, while also meeting flight safety and regulatory standards from the FAA, EASA and ICAO.